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Developing the Soccer Player

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Our Mission

Propel Soccer Academy

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Play, Learn, Score

From play to victory, an enriching journey for kids of all ages to learn, thrive, and score big in soccer.

Soccer for youth

Small groups of 6-8 soccer plays allow for more personalized training from a Propel Soccer Coach.

Spring and Fall Team Season

Spring and Fall recreational teams will practice with a Propel Soccer Coach every Monday and Wednesday and play in a game every weekend!

Soccer Tournaments for kids

U6 League

Our 4-5 year old League players will practice once a week on Thursdays with a Propel Soccer Coach, and weekly 3v3 games.

Propel Soccer League

Our Propel Soccer League is perfect for all of our athletes because it gives them more time on the ball.

Summer Soccer Camps

Our campers will play for 3-5 days straight with each day including hours of FUN activities! 

Love for the Game

One of the Top Houston Soccer Clubs

We focus on developing core skills for young players including ball control, passing, shooting, and helping them improve fitness and conditioning, all while having fun and staying injury-free!

Our youth soccer club in Missouri City, TX provides a great atmosphere for kids to have fun, learn to play soccer, develop foundational skills, build teamwork and gain confidence!

Propel Soccer Academy offers youth programs, small group training, camps and 2v2 & 3v3 leagues that are designed to help a soccer player become a skilled, confident and motivated player.

The Propel Soccer Academy programs are for all skill levels and for all soccer players, irregardless of the club they may play for!

The programs range from beginner to elite level and delivered under the instruction of the Propel Soccer Academy coaching staff.

Our staff includes professional certified instructors, aspiring young coaches starting their coaching certifications, to high school and college players wanting to give back to the soccer community.

Become an elite soccer player at our soccer camps

Our priority on developing the person FIRST then the soccer player.

We’re passionate about developing young people into being well-rounded athletes, and soccer is a way to accomplish this. There are so many elements of character that we can promote as we help children develop into soccer players, even if they don’t go into a professional league.

Hosted locally here in the Greater Houston area, our programs and clinics are designed to provide a better understanding of the game’s overall tactics in a safe, fun, and competitive environment conducive for each player to learn, grow and succeed.

Players will practice in an exciting soccer environment consisting of modern drills, games and small-sided exercises. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, Propel Soccer Academy offers a wide variety of clinics and programs that cater to the needs of all individual players.

Check out our programs. We also offer:
• Summer camps: registration open in December 
• Small groups: Starts in October 
• 2v2, 3V3 Propel soccer league: starts in October

If you have any questions about our programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

Photos from our Past Soccer Camps

The Location of our Soccer Programs

We hold practices at the following locations for Summer 2022:

• Baines Middle School: 9000 Sienna Ranch Rd, Missouri City, TX 77459

• Southwest Indoor Soccer (camps only): 12950 Sugar Ridge Blvd #3121, Stafford, TX 77477

We're promoting soccer skills development off the field, too!

The Propel Soccer Podcast

Here are two questions we hear a lot:

• How can I or how can I help my child improve soccer skills and fitness to dominate in the game?

• What should I do to help my soccer player reach their full potential?

Coach Manny Miano is the head coach and president of Propel Soccer Academy, and he’ll be answering these two questions on the new Propel Soccer Podcast.

About Coach Manny

Coach Manny Miano is a soccer coach and physical therapist. He helps soccer players improve their skills, improve their soccer fitness and recover from injuries, and has a passion for seeing youth thrive through sport.

Coach Manny - Soccer Coach

Listen to the Propel Soccer Podcast on

Propel Soccer Academy is also on Youtube!

Because we’re passionate about soccer and the benefits it brings to our youth, we also offer training videos to help you and/or your soccer player improve their skills from anywhere!

Check out our YouTube channel to view our content!